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Rebuttal to ibq’s false proposal to Italian Football League
Doha, Qatar - 21 January 2018
International Bank of Qatar (ibq) strongly denies any involvement in the alleged proposal worth $15.56 billion to Lega Serie A, the top Italian football division, regarding the League’s broadcasting rights.
Myriam Abou Haidar, Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager at ibq stated: “ibq provides core banking services in the State of Qatar and has never engaged in any form of acquisition of broadcasting rights related to any sport activity, therefore we were utterly surprised of the news. Consequently, ibq refutes having ever offered any form of bid to Lega Series A. In fact ibq has never established any contact with Lega Serie A in any respect whatsoever and has, as a banking institution, no direct or indirect interest whatsoever in Lega’s broadcasting rights or any other broadcasting rights. The news is unfortunately groundless, misleading and fake.”

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