As per the Law Number 1 of 2015 which stipulates that all wages must be processed through bank accounts, our payroll system facilitates the process for our corporate clients to route their employees’ wages through dedicated salary accounts.

WPS Card

ibq WPS card is a WPS-compliant salary card that provides employers and employees with a convenient and cost effective salary payment tool.

Transaction charges on WPS Card
  • For employees with monthly salary below QAR 2,000, there will be no transaction charge for the first 5 ATM withdrawals from non ibq ATMS. However, the 6th ATM withdrawal and onwards from a non ibq ATM will incur a QAR 3 charge per transaction.
  • QAR 10 will be charged for each international transfer
  • Cash withdrawals in ibq branches for amounts below QAR 1,000 will be charged QAR10 per transaction
  • Transfers within ibq accounts will be free of charges

Companies will be charged for salary information files processing as per the below table:
Category (number of records/employees in SIF) Charges (QAR)
Up to 10 records 50
11 to 50 records 100
51 to 100 records 200
101 to 200 records 300
201 to 300 records 400
301 to 500 records 500
501 to 1000 records 600
1001 to 2000 records 700
2001 to 3000 records 800
3001 to 4000 records 900
4001 to 5000 records 1000
5001 and above records 1100