Our ibq Financing Solutions  give you the flexibility to manage your finances better. We offer a range of competitive solutions that can help you take advantage of new opportunities to grow your business.

At ibq we understand that raising finance can require as much attention as running your business. We can help you get the right financing and save you time and money.

We have a range of services to help you with financing including working capital finance, structured finance, project finance, and syndication.

So whether you are looking for short term financing, overdraft facilities or long term capital investments ibq will help with all your needs.

Working capital finance

Based on thorough financial and qualitative evaluations, ibq’s corporate banking team will provide the best products to match your company’s needs. ibq can finance the purchase of inventory, bridge the cash flow gap from receivables, or assist in meeting operating expenses, all within the Shariah-compliant framework.
Contractor finance
ibq provides a range of products catering specifically to the needs of contractors.
  • Guarantees (Tender/Performance/Advance Payment/ Retention)
  • Letters of Credit
  • Term Financing (Equipment and/or project related)
  • Import Financing  

Medium and long-term finance
ibq’s medium and long-term provided at competitive rates and structured to have the least impact on your cash flow throughout the financing period. Structured term financing is provided for capital expenditure purposes.

Equipment finance

ibq provides for the procurement of construction equipment or other heavy machinery. for this specific purpose can be structured to match the life of the asset and the cash flow of the company. Ibq’s objective is to flexibly structure term to meet your requirements.
Real estate finance
ibq offers financing for real estate purposes; development, acquisition, or investment in property. Real estate financing is tailor-made according to the client’s specifications and fully compliant with Qatar Central Bank’s regulations and Shariah Board directives.

Project finance
ibq offers project-specific financing for the development of large infrastructure projects, oil & gas, and telecom. Project-specific financing is usually granted depending on the strength of the project and the cash flow projections.

Syndicated loans
We were previously active in the conventional syndication market, having taken part in a multitude of syndicated loans both in Qatar and regionally. Going forward, we will continue to remain active in the syndicated financing market, with a focus on remaining Shariah-compliant.